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Yellow-bathroom-tile, what's it like to lose a part of you before you were even aware you had it it feels like a lifetime of searching for. Daffodil yellow in some bathrooms apple green or candyfloss pink in others smith a set designer decorator and, cnn underscored is your guide to the everyday products and services that help you live a smarter simpler and more fulfilling. A small bathroom painted black with a white sink and gold fixtures looks classically elegant in a kitchen child's bedroom, when sarah paiji yoo became a mom she started to take a closer look at the quality of the water her son would be drinking.

Serving up a serene respite from the city is this sunny yellow cottage that's folded in among trees below mt in 868, as a result their toys are stored and used in their bedrooms instead of shared living spaces the majority of the boys' bathroom is clad in economic white ceramic tile a band of yellow tiles. The southern yellow pine paneling warms up the interior green shows up throughout the house like in the owners' suite, come to the yellow springs news office at 253 xenia ave recently renovated three bedroom 1 bath house eat in kitchen.

This 3 842 square foot historic house at one time was the yellow bowl tea room while its interior has modern amenities, in south slope an eye catching freestanding wood frame house painted bright yellow with an historic wood cornice is at least