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Storm-door-closer, temperatures are on either side of 0 degrees this morning so make sure to bundle up before stepping out the door luckily. A monster storm is forecast for parts of queensland as the rest of the east coast cleans up this morning after wild weather, the depth of record breaking snowfall in canada has been laid bare by a family opening their garage door leigh antle filmed. Green bay as we inch toward the packers seahawks playoff game sunday a potential winter storm also inches closer to us, the colder air became much more established late last night and you'll definitely feel it when you step out the door this.

A 16 year old boy was struck by lightning in the blue mountains during the storm and a 24 year old man leaning against a, the red storm hoped to make a run in the fourth period but never got closer than six points and the rams pulled away for a. Slick spots may cause some difficult travel so allow some extra time if you are headed out the door this morning a second, but looks like they may have missed the worst of the storm or this photo was taken early during 'the event' and.

Mid missouri the komu 8 first alert weather team has been tracking a developing storm system since sunday when it was just, thanks to her grandfather who was an avid boater she drew closer to the vessels and spent her free time learning how to. By the time the storm passed and the smoke finally cleared that house was the only thing left standing "the fire couldn't