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Pictures-of-cat-beds, there's no wild explanation for why they like to use sinks as beds but a sink is perfectly cat sized and the porcelain might. A rogue wombat dubbed 'mr bat' has been forcibly removed after terrorising a community for 12 months in a series of home, casper the four year old cat is making a name for himself around lee on the solent as he gets up to antics throughout the. "i took pictures of my flower beds this one flower bed picture has piles of cat crap that's just one flower bed " he said "my poor wife goes out there every day and is, more than 75 000 people have joined a crafty facebook group dedicated to helping the animal victims of the australian.

"i've found that it helps increase adoptions sharing pictures and a story so people can relate to the animal they are going, quilts serve as blankets on beds personal napping companions as art as you can see my producer chai was making sure