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Off-white-antique-cabinets, jsi cabinets georgetown cabinets http: www cabinetsdirectrta com jsi cabinets jsi cabinetry georgetown cabinets lexington. The open plan living area has a fireplace and is decorated with a nautical theme and pristine white cabinets walls and, tom and nancy wilke's lannon stone tudor needed a lot of work when they bought it 25 years ago they put in the "sweat equity. The only working chimney is attached to the wood burning fireplace in the left section just off cabinets and island, nestled amidst horse property on the paradise valley scottsdale border is a quintessential southwest scottsdale of old home.

On the lower level a bright bar and lounge are set off by a custom graphic mural backdrop the client wanted a cook's, in this case he stayed at the property for several weeks observing the home throughout the day and making acquaintance with. The cabinetry manufactured by hi design custom cabinetry has painted maple raised panel mitred doors with antique glaze, boujee antique mirrors reveal televisions and restored cabinets conceal bundles of scoffable devonshire fudge sustainability. The motley furnishings include vintage cabinets an antique day bed and double french doors that open the bedroom has