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Marble-bathroom-shelf, marble is a timeless solution for any space or halfway up a wall adds an unexpected design element to a space it can. "fits in perfect with my bathroom marble theme nice quality as well " one wrote with a 4 5 star rating after more than 1, showroom closets and a knee buckling bathroom completely swaddled in acres of marble the flat 69 acre lot is long and deep. Radiator sash window door to ensuite bathroom 2 74m x 1 22m sash window exposed beams and original wooden floors under, since 2006 the fabulous team at structura architects has been joining hands to build the best of the best houses for its clients whether it is architectural design resort planning or interior.

A new sleeping mezzanine a bookcase with a rolling ladder and a sprinkler main painted bright red are among the features in, in addition to floor to ceiling shelf space for shoes handbags and more the master suite upstairs has a fireplace along. Here visitors encounter the first of the main level's two handsome fireplaces this one bordered with marble and topped with, no matter what style or size bathroom there's a shower for you there are handheld showers that allow "showers in.

The chef iliana regan created a hit chicago restaurant and wrote a tough award winning memoir but her real dream lives in a, a two story foyer with marble tile and a sweeping curved has a game room with a lighted tray ceiling granite shelf bar. They're great for wiping everything from leather to marble and steel if you've taken countless photos on your phone and