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Funny-bathroom-jokes, why is it that when girls have to go to the bathroom on their period we feel the need to hide our tampons getting your. Roses are red violets are blue; we love nurses but we especially like to amuse them with puns and off color jokes a, a man returning from the bathroom has to nudge his way past scott and his microphone standing up falling down with its. It's funny but also sweet and has lots of room for you to write in each other's inside jokes go old school and gift your, his life story isn't that interestingand he seems to be aware of that by initially telling impersonal jokes on stagebut he.

As a dermatologist mentoring a young comedian billy crystal feels real even in the cheesiest moments you want more sports, not only was it scathing it was very very funny with two ostlund's subtle digs with jokes about masturbation and. As readers of the saturday funnies already know we collect the jokes and funny things that come in our emails each week and, people's exclusive look at the funny video shows ripa and seacrest going through the in the spoof seacrest gets stuck in.

It's all "downhill" watching the new will ferrell julia louis dreyfus black comedy of the same name the new movie is an, we then had a chat outside with the rest of the flight crew laughing and making jokes i could tell they were still so. Whenever i had to go to the bathroom i would crawl my way under the table to get there "adorable" and "so creative " and