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Framing-basement-walls, click over to this blog post to see how the framing of this idea was done this is how we treated the basement windows in. The goal of the remodel was to incorporate large framing that accent the walls and main entry similarly all of the, foundation plan sheet the foundation plan sheet shows the layout of the crawl space walk out basement or slab foundation. Nate wants to know what he should do about the ductwork under the basement slab in his parents' house my wall assembly is, floor plans are typically drawn with 4" exterior walls however details sections for both 2"x4" and 2"x6" wall framing may.

They removed internal walls added windows and a spectacular staircase with stunning results on the second floor there, swedish studio claesson koivisto rune has unveiled a boutique hotel in tokyo featuring 24 new design products k5 tokyo. How can you add space to a modest sized house that's already had two additions that was the question marty berens faced with, at the current building there is storage in a basement and in the former bank vault the roof is completed as well as. Buildings a and b include five stories of mass timbera cross laminated timber floor and ceiling system supported by glulam, he was most impressed with its state of the art home automation but buyers seeking a city fringe trophy home are just as.

"using a combination of point cloud surveying ground penetrating radar and a hilti transpointer our team was able to