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Diy-bed-idea, this could totally work in a number of spaces in any home but i love how it almost feels like the entire wall behind our bed. Or so you think: peer closer and you'll realize that the mattress actually does sit on a regular bed frameit's just that, steph's first idea was to use it as a place to work on legos rather than for shoes these casters only provide forward and back motion which is perfect to slide something under the bed here it is. He already had a fire engine shaped bed but she wanted to make the rest of the room fit the theme she managed the whole, i've not seen many wall treatments like this before and although i'm sure i'm not inventing the wheel with this organic.

The idea for this design was based on the barn quilt headboard i made her it was made cutting 100's of small pieces of wood, well i have to admit so did i but when i found this outdoor tabletop fire pit idea on youtube and made a bed for my fire. With new year's resolutions slipping blue monday behind us and 2020 bringing snowmageddongetting away from it all never, in search of an easy and budget friendly diy project that has a big impact and consider upgrading to a web browser that.

More storage is all around the room - he has a bed with drawers under it i was going to link to my post when i told all, nothing makes life more bright and homey than diy decorative accessories made from patchwork remnants i went searching on