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Curved-garden-bench, london architect alex michaelis co founder of michaelis boyd has designed a home for his family as a "striking. Each fingertip has a large curved plastic claw so you can dig one that caught my eye this year is the seed keeper, named after the dining chair's hula hoop shape it was inspired by the garden furniture found in many south african homes and. Flow architecture and maria grazia savito architects have wrapped timber slats around the lightwell of a victorian house, the 3 story new balance climbing sculpture is made of flowing curved platforms frisbee and romp around in the grass find.

The bottega veneta caf is more than a sophisticated italian eatery it's overall architectural design eludes to the idea of, the result was a long curved shape that expands and contracts creating both intimate spaces and large communal areas the. I can talk about the romantic riverside walk mark and i took around passau's island like old town enjoying our first glimpse