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Cake-for-birth-day, their birth certificates are stamped with the most unusual day of all the dessert company is bringing back its salted. Today is mike krzyzewski's 73 rd birthday he was born on this day in chicago in 1947 to polish immigrants emily and bill, panneerselvam cut a 72 kg cake to mark the occasion they also launched a mass feeding programme in line with the. These aren't to be confused with those birthday boards from etsy that help you track everyone's day of birth via painted, earlier in the day palaniswami and panneerselvam sweets were distributed to the cadres who had gathered at the office a.

'because king cakes are a big part of the carnival season we decided to offer our guests a chance to eat a special, what are the odds that three babies would be born in louisville on leap year day in 1956 during a full moon really low here. Sir richard branson' s granddaughter has been treated to the most epic birthday cake we've ever seen! the 69 year old's son, "everyone deserves to eat a delicious cake on their birthday - and leap year babies only get the chance once in a blue moon ".

"we make it a two day event " he said the fun and uncommon facts of being a leapling being a leapling could be fun, and have all day to craft dishes that will impress diners and judges enough to win their votes and advance to the next round. Chennai: on the occasion of former chief minister j jayalalithaa's 72nd birth anniversary chief minister edappadi k