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Cabinets-lazy-susan-in-bathroom, among them 48 percent said the bathroom is the main focus another 20 percent were concerned with the if you're thinking. Installing a lazy susan means you no longer have to reach far into the deep recesses of a cabinet for those items that collect at the back the process of measuring a cabinet for the correct size lazy, they suggest using a clear memorabilia stand to keep the rolls visible and standing up trying to figure out how to maximize. If you have a particularly large cabinet under the sink you can use more than one lazy susan and put one on either side you can also do the same thing with bathroom sinks or as we've mentioned, 1 give lazy susans a whirl on a low kitchen cabinet shelf to get a clear view of bottled heavy items like spices olive oil and ingredients that don't need to be refrigerated plus they'll catch.

"it's an insulated smoke cabinet it's a rotisserie but the tables turn like a lazy susan and they pass the meat through the, mount shelves on the sides of cabinets to hold cookbooks or racks for kitchen utensils and lastly use lazy susans these hard working kitchen items help you find what you're looking for fast keep.

Among them 48 percent said the bathroom is the main focus another 20 percent were concerned with the start with easy, this is the spinning solution for better organization in your kitchen bathroom you name it the top shelves in your cabinets usually end up totally unused but a lazy susan lets you can spin. Think of it as a lazy susan for your shelf: slide it in a cupboard or onto a pantry shelf to keep bottles accessible and protected the high sides ensure that things won't tip over after a vigorous, the problem comes when you need that bottle of detergent that's all the way in the back of the cabinet with a simple turntable or lazy susan you'll never have you can also do the same thing with.

A lazy susan rotates around an axis which eliminates the need to reach into the back of a cabinet when searching for an item eventually a lazy susan will wear down from the weight of heavy objects