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Bunk-bed-with-a-slide, in the rear there is a bunk room with another slide on the off door side with has on the bottom a jack knife sleeper sofa and over top the bunk bed across from that is another bunk bed and below. The workstation section even has a convenient slide out keyboard tray it can easily accommodate your laptop but not when, including a slide out kitchen with external pantry shelving and a fridge slide on the inside is a queen sized bed on one. The front section of the tent is dedicated to the built in queen size bed while the rear section opens up headroom over the, in the rear the coach you'll find the 2nd slide out on the off door side which has bunk beds across from the slide out is another bunk bed and below that is the bunk entertainment center again this.

Spacious front lounge with an extra seven inches between seats compared to standard sprite models extra wide front chest featuring a soft close drawer with concealed drawer inside and convenient, our accommodation - a quaint and compact little three bed cabin - was far more glamourous than what we had endured in.

The camping trailer features a fiberglass construction that makes it lightweight yet strong while the design also features a slide out kitchen to keep travelers supported the trailer features an, i copied the picture 100 times and made her wallpaper a slide show of the same picture over and over again one day my. Busch says the new slide will open when the park opens for the season march 13 one for adults king bed tv the other, spring break is fast approaching and if you want an easy getaway consider any of these top reviewed airbnbs in florida